f(x)’s Amber bursts into tears on “Real Men” due to language barrier

In the airing of MBC’s Real Men female special episode, f(x)’s Amber was seen bursting into tears after she was unable to grasp the difficult military terms used on the show.

The “Female Special 2” episode of Real Men was aired on January 25th, where the eight female cast underwent a physical examination. However, Amber experienced difficulties understanding many of the terms as she is not a native fluent in Korean or its culture, and soon after the examination was over and returned to their dorms, Amber burst into tears.

Amber shared her frustration at the language barrier as the other female casts surrounded her in attempts to comfort her. The singer confessed, “There are over 100 words I have heard today that I don’t know.”

The platoon leader, however, did not share her sympathy and said no tears are to be shown while in the army.

In reply, Amber said, “Forget it,” making her platoon leader look at her questionably. In saying “forget it,” Amber had used a term usually used in historical dramas, “잊으시오” or ijeushio, whereas she most likely meant the polite form “please forget it (잊어주십시오),” or ijeojushipshio.

Despite the heavy atmosphere, some of the female members could not help but hid their smiles at the mistake in speech, which did not miss ears of the platoon leader.

Real Men’s “Female Special 2” features Amber, Kim Ji Young, Park Ha Sun, Kang Ye Won, Lee Da Hee, Ahn Young Mi, Apink’s Yoon Bomi, and Lee Ji Ae. 

Source: Herald Pop