[★TRENDING] G-Dragon talks about the loneliness he faces behind all the glamour

Despite his busy schedule and popularity, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon talked about the loneliness he feels on a recent episode of the SBS show One Night of TV Entertainment.

BIGBANG is currently in the midst of promoting their “MADE” series, which involves the release of two new singles and their corresponding music videos each month. The month of May held the first two releases for “M,” which were titled “Loser” and “BAE BAE.” This month, BIGBANG released two tracks for “A,” titled “BANG BANG BANG” and “We Like 2 Party,” which have dominated the charts.

However, even with BIGBANG’s popularity, G-Dragon has slowly revealed his loneliness. On a recent episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, he revealed that he really had no close friends.

G-Dragon elaborated on his loneliness on the June 10th episode of One Night of TV Entertainment through a special appearance. He revealed, “People may only see the bright and glamorous side of me, but I have an emptiness I feel when alone. Also the loneliness, as well as the lack of that certain thing in my universe, is so integral to my identity you could say it makes me who I am.”

Netizens who saw the episode left comments that sympathized with G-Dragon and pointed out the positive aspects of having time alone.

[+ 9123, – 137] Me: I look like a nobody and I’m even lonelier when I’m alone

[+ 5381, – 810] I guess GD’s only human too

[+ 4664, – 194] Everyone gets lonely, but that doesn’t make you unhappy or unfortunate. Sometimes even loneliness and time alone is something you can enjoy.

Source: OSEN