Girl’s Day’s Minah loses shoe mid-performance of “Something” at 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards

The 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards recently aired on January 28th, in which Girl’s Day’s attended and performed their 2014 hit track “Something.”

Following their acceptance as having the top track for January 2014 with “Something,” Girl’s Day proceeded to perform said track with a sexy intro stage as they danced on velvet covered sofas in pairs before performing to a special mix of the song. Showing off their sexy allure and charisma, Girl’s Day did not fail to showcase a perfect live performance for their audience and viewers.

As the performance neared the end, Girl’s Day Minah belted out her signature high vocals for the peak of the song. While the camera did not manage to capture the incident as it had been panned out, Minah can be seen with a sly smile on her solo shot. With a closer look, fans’ eagle eyes revealed that Minah had lost her right high-heeled shoes somehow!

Not deterred by her lost shoe, Minah continued performing, revealing her professional sense on stage.

Watch their performance below!

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