GOT7 induces viewers’ tears with performance of “Sick”

The vocalists of GOT7 displayed their ballad singing prowess as they released a heart-tugging video for “Sick”.

GOT7’s latest title song “Hard Carry” may be hip-hop/rap heavy, but they can also tackle other genres.

“Sick” is about someone mourning the lost of their relationship and lamenting over their partner’s ability to move on without any pain/difficulties. The video reflects that feeling of lifelessness well as the video is drab, with the members also dressed in black and white.

Jinyoung, who has been praised before for his acting abilities, emoted beautifully, with his doe eyes captivating viewers.

Youngjae is undeniably meant for ballads as his powerful vocals are a major component of the song. He effortlessly belted, expressing the painful lyrics well with his voice.

Leader JB wholeheartedly participated in this video, providing intense facial expressions. Although the song is depressing, JB offered a different interpretation with his voice and face displaying slight feelings of anger.

Maknae Yugyeom shows his progress and growth as a vocalist, holding his own against the others.

Grab a blanket and some tissues, and watch the performance below.