GOT7 takes #1 on The Show for “Fly” + Performances for March 29

On the last March broadcast of The Show, boy group GOT7 won their first music show trophy for their comeback track “Fly,” going up against MAMAMOO and FIESTAR this week.

Aired on March 29th, GOT7 racked up 9,025 points versus 6,525 and 6,070 points respectively.

Fly” is a track that features funky and hip-hop elements about youth and love that those in their early 20s can relate to while dancing to a charming dance.

Congratulations to GOT7!

Performers for the night included GOT7, JJCC, Two Star, MAMAMOO, Matilda, SNUPER, Bloomy, Six Bomb, ASTRO, Annyeong Bada, ERic Nam, N-SONIC, Jeon Hyosung, KNK, FIESTAR and Hyomin.

Six Bomb – Wait 10 Years Baby

Bloomy – Because Of You

JJCC – ToDay

N-SONIC – Excalibur

MATILDA – Macarena

KNK – Knock

ASTRO – Hide & Seek

SNUPER – Platonic Love

Annyeong Bada – I Miss You

Eric Nam – Good For You

FIESTAR – Mirror

MAMMAMOO – You’re The Best

Hyomin – Sketch

Hyosung – Dear Moon + Find Me

Two Star – Friendly

Source: Sports Kyunghyang