GOT7’s rap line parties it up with performance of “No Jam”

GOT7‘s rap line received their chance to shine in a special performance of “No Jam”!

As GOT7 is currently promoting their latest album Flight Log: Turbulence, their rappers released a video for one of their B-side tracks “No Jam” (no fun), ironically having the time of their lives. The rap line is comprised of Mark, Jackson, and Bambam, with all three fighting for screen time.

It was a party atmosphere as flashing graphics intermittently appeared against the bright light. Not much rehearsal went into this production as the trio freestyled their moves while rapping to their lines.

The rappers alternated between playfully shoving each other out the way and hyping each other up during their verses.

They ended the song with a shout out to “AmeriThaiKong,” an alternative name for the rappers, which is also a nod to their respective hometowns. This video is the first in a series titled GOT the Stage.

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