[★TRENDING] Heechul states he might marry Bora in the future on “A Style For You”

Super Junior‘s Heechul made a surprising statement to SISTAR‘s Bora on a recent episode of A Style For You as he supervised the three female MCs try on wedding dresses.

Aired on May 31st, the mission given was to find your own style for a wedding. Joining Bora and EXID’s Hani for the episode was KARA‘s Youngji, who appeared as a special MC.

While showing off her chosen wedding dress, Bora stated that it’s what she would show to her future husband, prompting Heechul to tell her, “You never know. You and I may end up getting married later.”

Bora immediately responded with, “Don’t say that.”

As the SISTAR member showed off the plunging back of her dress, Heechul stated, “It looks like Beyonce. Your back looks muscular, it’s really pretty.”

Source: OSEN