INFINITE’s Woohyun Is The Top K-Pop Idol Singer With Highest Score Ever On “Immortal Song 2”

INFINITE‘s Nam Woohyun appeared on the June 4th episode of the KBS hit show, “Immortal Songs 2,” where he proved his singing ability yet again by receiving a record high score.

Recently, INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun made his debut as a solo artist with the mini-album, Write.., and title track, “Still I Remember.” The title track did well on the charts amidst steep competition in the industry.

In addition to promoting his solo album and title track “Still I Remember” on the weekly music shows in Korea, Nam Woohyun also made an appearance on the hit KBS show “Immortal Songs 2.” On the June 4th episode, he performed a breathtaking version of “Last Promise,” which was originally performed by Kim Jung Min.

With a simple stage background, Nam Woohyun pulled off an amazing and emotion-filled performance of “Last Promise.” The performance was breathtaking from start to finish, but the climax is definitely at 3:40 in when he takes a break before powering through the rest of the song.

In the end, Woohyun won with 439 points, which is the highest score out of all of the idol singers who have performed on the show. Congratulations to Woohyun for this great achievement!

Check out Nam Woohyun’s version of “Last Promise” and the video of his win below!

Nam Woohyun – “Last Promise” – (originally by Kim Jung Min)

Nam Woohyun win with 439 points:

Source: KBSKpop (1 and 2), Bugs, and Pann