K-Pop Fans Disturbed After GOT7’s Yugyeom Faints During Chinese Fanmeet

Fans are getting worried over a recent incident that caused Yugyeom to allegedly lose conscious during GOT7‘s fanmeet in Guangzhou, China. 

A video posted on June 19th captured the moment Yugyeom fainted as the members exited from the stage right after a performance. Although the said fall was not really clearly clarified, fans are speculating towards the health of the member and the rest of the group.

Some fans claimed that the singer might have fainted due to ill health or exhaustion, while others speculate that he may just have fallen through as the lifts went down. As the video went viral online, netizens started to express their worry through various social media platforms and online community boards.

Despite the incident, JYP Entertainment has not made any clarification about the incident as the group continues their fanmeet across Asia.

Check out the footage below and tell us what you think!