KARA Goo Hara and Ga In enjoy a late night dinner on “ON&OFF: The Gossip” teaser

The second video teaser for KARA Goo Hara’s upcoming solo reality show on MBC Music has been released, featuring an appearance from Brown Eyed Girls and successful solo artist Ga In.

Setting up the camera carefully on the dinner table, making sure it was nicely focused, Ga In and Goo Hara continue their dinner date as they begin to talk amicably as they laugh, enjoying their time together. Going back and forth as they tease one another, Goo Hara even momemtarily shuts off the camera as Ga In outs her, laughingly asking “Why?” as the camera turns off.

Goo Hara’s ON&OFF: The Gossip will premiere on MBC Music on December 29th.