Kim Feel says “Stay With Me” in latest MV release

Following the release of the music video for “Marry Me,” Kim Feel has revealed a new music video for “Stay With Me” on June 11th.

As Kim Feel is seen in a vibrant restaurant throughout the music video, he expresses his love for a special someone as he sings, “Please babe, won’t you stay with me.” In addition to expressing his love, it seems as if he is also performing the track for customers as he is seen singing in front of a microphone while playing the guitar.

“Stay With Me” is a track from his mini-album Feel Free which was also released on June 11th. Along with the track “Stay With Me,” the album includes the songs “True Love,” “Lose Control,” “Fly to Your Dream,” “Nothing Without You,” and “Pierrot.”

Meanwhile, Kim Feel released the music video for “Marry Me” on April 24th where he sang his thoughts and feelings about getting married.