Lee Jun Ki gives the best answer when asked about his abs compared to Lee Soo Hyuk and TVXQ’s Changmin

Actor Lee Jun Ki showed off his humor after he was asked about his abs on a recent airing of MBC‘s Section TV Entertainment.

Aired on July 12th, the topic of abs was brought up during an interview with the main cast of the 2015 drama, Scholar Who Walks The Knight. At first, the topic was geared towards actor Lee Soo Hyuk and TVXQ member Changmin, who have previously swooned fans with their washboard abs.

Lee Jun Ki was then asked, “Do you have washboard abs like Lee Soo Hyuk and Changmin?”

Flustered at first at the sudden question, Lee Jun Ki quickly recovered and coolly answered, “Abs are for young actors in their 20’s.”

He continues, “They have abs like washing boards, but my abs are smooth like fabric softener.”

Source: TV Report