Lee Seung Gi releases minute-long “And Goodbye” MV due to unsalvageable files

Lee Seung Gi has made his long-awaited return to the music scene with his music video for “And Goodbye” off of his new album And…

Unfortunately, it was revealed that the original film for the music video was damaged and they were unable to salvage the highlights of the video.

According to a representative, “We were not able to discover what caused the damage and since the highlight of the video was damaged, we decided not to upload [the music video]. However, after taking into consideration the fans who have been anticipating [Lee Seung Gi’s comeback music video], we decided to upload this one minute version. As for re-filming, Lee Seung Gi’s schedule is packed and is currently unable to arrange for a re-filming.

The official added, “We are sorry on behalf of Lee Seung Gi as well who wanted to present the best music video to fans.

After finding out that it was not just mistaken for a teaser, fans have flooded the video as well with encouraging words for the entertainer after the news.

Source: Newsen