Lucky J’s Jessi returns with “Excessive Love” in solo comeback MV

Jessi has returned with an all-new solo single Fat Love (Excessive Love) on March 15th, unveiling the emotional side of herself in this R&B ballad song.

Stepping away from her ‘tough unnie’ image, Jessi’s unique charms as a vocalist are highlighted in the track. As opposed to her rapping, a talent she shared during her stint on Unpretty Rapstar which later helped her rise to popularity, her vocals are the sole focus in this new song.

Additionally, “Excessive Love” is a track composed, written, and arranged by artist Wheesung himself, and is a realistic breakup story created in a very Wheesung-style.

Composed by Wheesung, Munha / Lyrics by Wheesung / Arranged by Wheesung, Munha, Moon Ji Young