Luna and Krystal burst into tears upon f(x)’s win for “4 Walls” on M! Countdown

Girl group f(x) takes their first music show trophy home in the most recent airing of Mnet‘s M! Countdown as they went up against Lim Chang Jung this week.

Aired on November 5th, f(x) nabbed their first “4 Walls” win with nearly twice the amount of points than Lim Chang Jung with 10,688 points over 5,370 points.

Shortly after the announcement, Luna could be seen tearing up, becoming emotional after winning their first music show trophy as a four-member girl group and comeback. SHINee member Key, who is one of the MCs for M! Countdown, can be seen giving Luna a heartfelt hug before returning to his place with the other MCs.

As Luna and Krystal hug one another as Victoria gives a thank you speech on behalf of the group, Krystal can be seen starting to tear up as well. Victoria thanked everyone for their support of the group, including Lee Soo Man and the fans who have continued to cheer them on and love them.