[★VIDEO] MADTOWN’s Lee Geon wows fans with cover of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”

MADTOWN’s Lee Geon is back with the LEEGEON COVER PROJECT Part 2 with a cover of Sam Smith’s popular track “Lay Me Down.”

As the video opens, the camera focuses on Lee Geon and his microphone as he begins to sing the soulful, R&B track, leaving fans speechless. The monochrome filter focuses the attention on his voice and eliminates any background distractions during his cover.

Fans were quick to leave positive comments, praising MADTOWN’s main vocal for his powerful voice saying, “First five second and I’m sold. OMG. Even his pronunciation of the words aren’t bad at all. Seriously man, Madtown is so underrated ;A; Madtown fighting!!” and “Well that was… SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!” and even noted that his English pronunciation was “not bad” and “very cute.”

MADTOWN debuted under J.Tune Camp last October with “Yolo” and had their first comeback in March with “New World.”

This is the second video in his cover project after releasing a cover of Na Yoon Kwon‘s “If Only.”