Male idol group SHU-I disbands after six years

Male idol group SHU-I has officially disbanded.

The news was delivered through the group’s Japanese website that “SHU-I has officially disbanded,” further revealing that members Inseok, Changhyun, and Minho will be entering the military to fulfill their services next year.

“To all of SHU-I’s fans. Thank you for always supporting SHU-I. Today we are sorry to announce sad news that SHU-I will be disbanding at the end of the year. To everyone, we are sorry for the abrupt announcement. Regarding the future of members Inseok, Changhyun, and Minho, they plan to enter the military in 2016.

After the completion of their military services, the three members are hoping to continue to work in Japan. As soon as we have the details, we will reveal it on Twitter. In regards to Jinseok, we are currently under discussions for him to be active in Japan in the future. We will also report this to you on Twitter when the details have been decided. 

For the meantime, SHU-I will take a short rest. Thank you for sharing them on.”

The members of SHU-I* then each left a personal message to fans with Inseok reminiscing the five years the group spent in Japan for their activities (2010-2015) and that he, Changhyun, and Minho will return after their two-year military services as a new group.

Changhyun wrote, “It is a man’s obligation in Korea to serve in the military. After completing my services as an active duty soldier, I have thought on returning to Japan. Hyunseok and Jinseok have decided to try a new challenge, and I support and respect their decision of the two.”

Jinseok wrote, “My heart is full of sadness and apologetic. The last six years have gone by very quickly. I am proud to have been a part of SHU-I and it has changed my life. Though each member’s future will be shaped differently, we will continue to support one another.”

Their full messages can be read on their official Japanese website.

SHU-I debuted in 2009 with their single “Bomb Bomb Bomb” and entered the Japanese market in 2010 where they would solely focus on in the next five years. Sadly they were unable to make an impact in Korea but saw sucess in Japan, releasing nine singles, one mini-album, and two studio albums while releasing only one single and one mini-album in Korea.

*Editor’s Note: There is originally five members in SHU-I but member Hyungjun does not have a message from him available on their website.

Source: My Daily and SHU-I Japanese Website