[★VIDEOS] Mckay Kim is back with a new mashup featuring BIGBANG, 2NE1, SHINee, and Taeyang

Mckay Kim is back with another refreshing mashup after blowing fans away with a remix of Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, EXO, and more last week on Pikicast. Mckay starts off with a soulful rendition of Taeyang’s summer hit “Eyes, Nose, Lips” before bringing in a different melody for SHINee’s hot new track “View” and BIGBANG’s first release in three years, “Loser.”

He quickly picks up the speed as he blends the three tracks together with 2NE1’s classic track “Lonely.”

Fans have left positive responses on Twitter and YouTube calling the singer “Amazing! Perfection! Just…yes!????????????” encouraging the singer to release more covers as he works on music under Dorothy Company.

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