MFBTY celebrates their two year anniversary with fans

MFBTY expressed their gratitude towards fans on social networking sites as they celebrated the their two year anniversary. 

On January 21st, the members of MFBTY such as the legendary artists Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy sincerely expressed the joy of completing two years together as they individually tweeted a message to their fans. Tiger JK made fans laugh as he tweeted, “2 years! Yes I get to grab ya boobies.” Meanwhile, Yoon Mirae tweeted, “Blessed” while Bizzy tweeted, “Thank you is not enough. I love my family,” while all of the members included a video which included messages from fans from all of the world.

MFBTY officially debuted as a group on January 21st, 2013, with the music video for “Sweet Dream.” Meanwhile, the trio released their newest track and music video for the song, “Angel” on December 8th, encouraging others to never give up on hope and become stronger to overcome the obstacles because there is always a brighter future.

Check out their messages below: