“Midnight TV Entertainment” covers BIGBANG Seungri’s jiu-jitsu hobby

In a recent episode of Midnight TV Entertainment, the entertainment program takes a look into one of Seungri‘s well-known hobby of jiu-jitsu.

Aired on September 16th, past published photos of the BIGBANG member at the BON Jiu-Jitsu Academy were released as well as a video of Seungri sparring with a partner.

According to producers who interviewed one of the singer’s gym friends, Seungri undergoes over 20 sparring sessions with every visit, revealing the passion behind his love for jiu-jitsu.

In one of the videos aired, Seungri is seen pinned down by his sparring partner before successfully flipping his opponent and gaining the upper hand.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Seungri may even partake in a jiu-jitsu tournament.

가수 BIGBANG(빅뱅) SEUNGRI(승리)가 본주짓수 서울 당산 본관에 방문하여 트레이닝 하였습니다.

Posted by 본주짓수 아카데미 – BON Jiu-Jitsu Academy, 本柔術 on Sunday, August 16, 2015

Source: 10Asia