“Midnight TV Entertainment” reveals what Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s baby would look like

On the episode of SBS’s Midnight TV Entertainment that aired on the June 3rd, a virtual image of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s baby was revealed.

The couple’s secret wedding was held in private in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do on May 30th. The bed and breakfast owner who was preparing the wedding even stated, “I didn’t even know they were preparing a wedding.”

Despite previous rumors of pre-marital pregnancy which were denied, with netizens rushing to defend and support the couple, the SBS show was still eager to make news out of it and showed what their baby would look like. A combination of Lee Na Young’s big eyes and Won Bin’s looked like those of a foreigner. The baby seemed cute at first, but the intention of the show’s segment was not well-received by many viewers.

Netizens who came across the article seemed very fed up with the amount of attention that fell on this incident.

[+688, -23] What a load of shit what’s wrong with Midnight TV Entertainment these days? Heh is it because there’s Ilbe (community of psychos and social misfits) in SBS.

[+587, -7] Please stop. Whatever you imagine it will be surpassed

[+363, -2] Heh I was wondering why no one was doing this. Virtual babies.

Won Bin, Lee Na Young's baby
Photo: OSEN

Source: OSEN