miss A’s Suzy takes you on a virtual date in London for “Real miss A”

miss A’s Suzy takes you on a virtual date as part of their ongoing web special with Naver Starcast titled Real miss A. 

On March 17th, Naver released the first installment for Real miss A, which featured a series of videos that will follow the members in their daily lives by taking on a virtual date.

For the first episode, Suzy takes fans on a virtual date while she circles the city of London. Aside from the virtual tour, Naver also released still images with detailed description of Suzy’s thoughts throughout the entire clip.

Furthermore, it was hinted that more personal dates featuring the other members will be released in the coming days.

Check out the full translation of the update below:

suzy 1

Oh! Where is this? Where did the other members go? This place seems a bit…unfamiliar?

suzy 2

Nope! By an chance is this England..? London..? We’re in a car right?

suzy 3

Ding ding ding! That’s right. What you just saw was London’s from Suzy’s point of view. Alright…shall I introduce myself first? I am Suzy, the one who will play an important role on this first episode of Real miss A, and I am on my way to a photo shoot here in London~”

suzy 4

suzy 5

Suzy is now enjoying a break from her schedule. While she joked around with the staff oppas and unnis and listened to relaxing music, we were approaching the photo shoot location! On such a beautiful day???? “

suzy 6

The face Suzy made a little bit ago while joking around hasn’t gone anywhere, Suzy feels so full to the brim. It’s time to listen to some sad music~What do you feel when you go on a drive with Suzy while listening to music? If you watch the video you can feel it!

suzy 7

I am Suzy, who has shown you the sights of London and who is hard at work taking selcas on the street.

Today was the first episode of Real miss A: London date with Suzy! It didn’t last long, but it was a very special time! Did the Starcast viewers enjoy the episode? For next time, expect a date with a different member, enjoy the warm spring weather, and wait eagerly for our new album! That’s it for today byebye!”

Source: M Star Miss A