Mnet’s “Unpretty Rap Star” teases with rap battle clips ft. Jimin, Jessi, Tymee, and more

The second round of video teasers have been released as the countdown continues until the premiere for Mnet’s Show Me the Money female spin-off Unpretty Rap Star airs.

Eight talented female rappers have been recruited to compete for the title of best female rapper, including AOA’s Jimin, Yuk Ji Dam, Tymee, Lucky J’s Jessi, Cheetah, Jolly V, Lil Cham, and Kisum. While the first promotional teaser formally introduced the rappers to anticipated viewers, the latest videos gave them an insight of what’s to come with clips of each artists rapping passionately into the mic.

Who will be the first winner of Unpretty Rap Star? The new female rap survival competition is set to air on January 29th at 11PM KST for six weeks.