[★VIDEO] “Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo reveal which “Running Man” guest they are jealous of

On the December 10th episode of SBS Midnight TV EntertainmentRunning Man’s actress Song Ji Hyo and Leessang’s Gary guested in a short segment about their latest CF collaboration, where the two answered a variety of questions regarding their relationship.

When asked if their relationship was merely business or if there was “something,” Gary replied, “It’s half-business and half-sseom. This sseom may even continue even after I’m married.”

The rapper revealed Song Ji Hyo’s phone number is saved under the name “Mong Ji (Blank Ji)” in his cell phone, her nickname on the popular variety show Running Man. Unlike Gary, and much to his disappointment, Song Ji Hyo revealed she had simply saved his number as “Kang Gary.” He sadly said, “So I’m just ‘Kang Gary’ to you…”

The MC then asked the virtual Monday Couple, “Was there any guests [on Running Man] you were jealous of when partnered with either one of you?”, to which Gary revealed he had been jealous of actor Jo Jung Suk, citing the noodle game mission the actor and Song Ji Hyo had completed during Episode 215, citing, “They could have done it in a friendly way, but her look towards Jung Suk was different.”

“For me there was one guest,” said Song Ji Hyo, “Kyung Soo Jin. I was so jealous at the time that I wanted Monday Couple to end.” Gary added, “I had to apologize to her every 30 minutes.”

The interview continues as the MC asks if they knew each other’s birthday, the Monday Couple bickering with Gary giving the wrong answer of August 17th and Song Ji Hyo correcting him (August 15th). The MC interrupts them, stating, “I think for Song Ji Hyo, this relationship is more business, and Gary there’s some affection.”

Song Ji Hyo denied the statement, revealing she does hold some affection for Gary, but the MC jokingly said, “It’s too late.” 

Gary also teases the actress, using play on words, saying, “Are you sure this isn’t a love-hate (애증)[relationship]/affection (애정)?

Source: SBS funE