Music Bank performances from October 17th

KBS’ Music Bank aired yesterday October 17th, and, as usual, there are performances to watch over and over again! Check out this week’s artists on Music Bank below. 

On the latest episode of Music Bank, Kim Dongryul took 1st place, VIXX made a comeback with “Error,” Song Jieun performed her new track “25,” Teen Top held their goodbye stage for “Missing,” Strawberry Milk debuted with “OK,” Red Velvet with “Be Natural,” BTOB with “You’re So Fly,” Roy Kim performed “Home,” The Boss (DGNA) returned with “Rilla Go,” and Boyfriend with “WITCH”!

Ailee, MADTOWN, Younha, Juniel, Jung Dongha, MINX, TOXIC, and A.KOR also performed.

Check out the performances below!

A.KOR – “But Go”

MINX – “Why Did You Come To My Home”

Strawberry Milk – “OK”

MADTOWN – “Yolo”

The Boss (DGNA) – “Rilla Go”

Red Velvet – “Be Natural”

Younha – “Wasted”

Roy Kim – “Home”

BTOB – “You’re So Fly”

Juniel – “I Think I’m In Love”

Teen Top – “Missing”

VIXX – “Intro” and “Error”

Ailee – “Don’t Touch Me”

Song Jieun – “Don’t Look At Me Like That” and “25”

Boyfriend – “WITCH”






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