N.Flying drops video teasers for Cha Hun and fictional member N.Fie System

On May 16th, N.Flying shared the final two individual video teasers for members Cha Hun and N.Fie System.

The upcoming FNC Entertainment boy band has been garnering much attention since the announcement of their debut and the release of teasers for members Seung Hyub, Kwang Jin, and Jae Hyun.

Cha Hun takes the position of the band’s guitarist as he passionately gives an impressive solo in his individual video teaser. He also catches much fan attention as he occasionally licks his lips during the performance.

Next, the band introduced N.Fie System, the virtual fifth member of N.Flying. Embracing a modern concept, N.Fie System’s video teaser shows the four members together as they interact with the N.Fie System’s interface. The result seems to be an adorable and friendly looking cartoon figure.

N.Fie System will be an imaginary media creation created in combination with N.Flying and the concept of a selfie. It will be acting as the portal between unique media art and the band’s music. With this creation, the group plans to further set themselves apart as a distinct group debuting in Korea.

N.Flying will be making their debut with Awesome on May 20th.

Take a look at the teasers here:

Source: The Star

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