Netizens are going crazy over this unique female vocalist’s song

Netizens have been going wild over a catchy track by a unique female vocalist for its smooth vibe.

The track is none other than Suran’s “Calling In Love” featuring Beenzino. Released on this year on November 23rd, the track has received much love throughout the weeks due to Suran’s unique, flexible, and attention-grabbing vocals.

The heart-tugging love song tells two sides of love like day and night as depicted in the music video as well. “Calling In Love” uses a bright, groovy guitar with warm synth sounds to accentuate Suran’s light yet gripping voice. Like the title suggests, the lyrics remind of a phone call between a couple calling each other. Suran’s sweet voice, dancing with the fun melody, combined with Beenzino’s trendy rap has the song into a fantastic, dreamy track for many listeners.

The music video takes viewers through the majesty of Southern California with many recognizing familiar sights in the Los Angeles area such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the beaches. Suran rocks her blue-green hair with a feeling as ethereal as the background which lights up with color every so often.

The amazing collaboration between Suran’s vocals and Beenzino’s certain and confident rap has led netizens to call for more collaborations between the two and other artists as well. In fact, the two artists have worked together previously with Primary on “Mannequin.”

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See what fans had to say here:

1. [+143]i want her to collaborate with Hyukoh too! this song is so gooood! i’m in love with her voice!

2. [+121]Wow this song is smooth. This is the type of music you want to listen to when you’re stressed, or need to cool off after work or school. Hope to see more from her in future.

3. [+62]Omgosh she has such a nice unique voice, and mixed with Beenzino this is perfect

4. [+8]Omg what the f*ck!! Where has she been all this time!? Her voice is so soft and butter.”