Netizens give BTOB’s Sungjae unending praise for giving up winning opportunity on “Mask King”

On September 11th, MBC hosted a live event for their variety program King of Masked Singer, inviting former contestant Sungjae on the show.

The BTOB member gained much attention with his performances on the show earlier in May, where he introduced himself as a sub-sub vocal of the K-pop group. Sungjae’s reappearance was a surprise to many, although there was a mishap on the way. He performed Kim Dong Ryul’s “Replay” and Infinite Track’s “To Her” in the first and second rounds respectively. MBC initially uploaded his performances on its YouTube channel, but later set them on private.

There was a mistake in the voting process during Sungjae’s turn, where he was supposed to win the first round, but there was a technical error and Sungjae was made to reveal his identity in the second performance. He then gentlemanly gave up his chance to progress to the third round, since the audience already knew his identity in the second round.

Netizens rushed to support Sungjae’s move of being fair, gaining many new fans for himself.

1. [+9059 , -254] Yook Sungjae is really kind and smart. It was clear that he would get the votes from his fans so he did well.

2. [+8048, -147] This guy has a good character

3. [++6975 , -149] Yook Sungjae’s fans were voting like crazy, so I thought he would last till he got the king spot. As expected of Yook Sungjae.. He has a good conscience kekekekeke He’s the best!!

4. [+5474 , -235] He made the right choice. It’s good to see that he dealt with the situation well. ^^ Kim Boa got to the 3rd round easily because of Yook Sungjae, so go get the king spot!!

5. [+5078 , -107] Yook Sungjae is so cool kekekeke. Thumbs up

6. [+1011 , -15] Yook Sungjae must have been in an awkward position.. I think he made a wise choice! He sang well today~

Source: Naver