Netizens mock Apink Naeun’s alleged lack of acting skills

Recently, a short clip of Apink’s Son Naeun’s acting in “Twenty Again” went viral on Korean social media with people mocking her lack of skills in acting. A post was even made on Pann, a popular Korean community site titled, “Why is Son Naeun so bad at acting..”.

“Her fans keep saying she’s good at acting on Pann so I took a look at her acting and she’s bad… Which part are people saying she’s good in. All the comments on the video say she’s terrible as well.”

[+ 143, – 64] She was always bad… Only fans say she’s good but everyone else knows. It’s a miracle that people aren’t turning this into a meme already….

[+ 109, – 191] Personally I think she did alright in other scenes..?? You should look at her other scenes and decide. If you already have everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

[+ 94, – 175] Why are you all bugging Naeun? I thought it was alright?

Source: Pann