Niel is a “Lovekiller” with Dok2 in solo title track MV

After releasing multiple teasers for his upcoming solo debut, on February 16th, TEEN TOP‘s Niel released the medium tempo song and music video for “Lovekiller” which features Dok2

Niel capture’s fans heart as he beautifully sings the medium tempo song while accompanied by the guitar. The music video tells the story of a guy who is romantically attracted to a women whom is a “lovekiller.” Although the female lead is a “lovekiller,” Niel still find himself attracted to her as he sings, “I know that you’re a lovekiller, but why do I still want you.”

Meanwhile, Niel released the highlight track and video for his solo debut album, oNEILy. The highlight track unveiled short previews of the songs, “Only You,” “Lovekiller,” “Affogato,” “Lady,” and “Call Me.” oNEILy will not only include vocals from Neil, but from artists such as Dok2, TEEN TOP’s C.A.P and L.Joe.

play button Listen to Niel’s oNIELy mini-album preview!

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