NS Yoon-G and Jaekyung witness German man stripping naked before their eyes

On a recent airing of Crazy Holiday, close friends NS Yoon-G and Rainbow‘s Jaekyung traveled together to Europe where they witnessed a shocking scene.

Aired on September 19th, the pair visited Germany, capturing amazing sights such as people river surfing in the middle of the city Munich. They watched in awe as a man in a bodysuit jumped into the river with his surfboard, fearless as he rides the river’s strong waves like a pro.

A little ways down the river are a crowd of people enjoying the blazing sun by the river as if it was a beach. Sitting near the bank, the two Korean singers are suddenly caught by surprise as a man on the other side completely strips himself naked. NS Yoon-G and Jaekyung avert their eyes, and even the cameraman is heard chuckling and adjusting his camera’s angle to hide the naked man.

In addition to Germany, NS Yoon-G and Jaekyung also visited Switzerland on the program. Other Korean celebrities also participated in the program, such as Beenzino.

수상한 휴가 – 문화충격의 연속! 영국 정원에 가다.20160919

문화충격의 연속! 영국 정원에 가다. KBS2 TV 수상한 휴가|매주 월요일 오후 8시 55분에 방송됩니다.

Goodbye Germany~! off to Switzerland now? #germany #독일

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? #lakelungern #switzerland #스위스

ns-yoon.G/윤지?(@ns_yoong96)님이 게시한 사진님,

다음주에도 #수상한휴가 #재경 & #NS윤지 편 봐주실거죵?!?

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Source: Dispatch and NaverCast