Oh My Girl’s YooA Attempts To Decipher The Mysteries Of The Pinwheel

At a recent fan signing event, rookie girl group Oh My Girl member YooA faced her toughest adversary yet. 

While waiting for fans to move down the line to have their albums signed by each of the eight members, YooA decided to play with a small rainbow pinwheel given to her by one of her adoring fans. But while pinwheels are usually quite easy to spin, requiring only a little bit of win to get started, YooA was stuck with a particularly stubborn one.

Even after trying to blow on the toy from different angles at various degrees of effort, the pinwheel refused to spin for more than a brief second, causing confusion and frustration for the singer. Despite appearing to give up after a few attempts, however, the Oh My Girl member continued to blow on the toy, hoping that it would suddenly start working.

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