Outsider gives you a preview into his 4th studio album, “Pride & Prejudice”

Ahead of the release of his anticipated 4th studio album, Korean rapper Outsider has revealed a short preview video that highlights each of its tracks. 

The album features previously released tracks such as “Star Warz” featuring Twista and “Tattoo” with Navi. Outsider also collaborates with various other artists in the album including Unpretty Rapstar‘s Tymee, veteran singer Lee Eun Mi, and more.

Pride and Prejudice not only highlights Outsider’s trademark fast-rhythm rap, but the rapper’s ability to perform in various genre. Tracks include “Duel of the Century,” “Freedom” featuring Samo, “Octagon” with Tymee, 2TAK, Bewhy, and Kuan, “Tattoo of Memento,” “20[Pride & Prejudice]”, “Hand,” “Red Carpet,” “By Wind” with Lee Eun Mi.

Outsider will release his 4th studio album in March 12th.

Outsider – By Wind with Lee Eun Mi