Park Seo Joon reveals “Kill Me, Heal Me” cast and staff still meet up monthly

Park Seo Joon revealed that actors and staff from recently completed MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Me remain close in their friendships with one another.

During a recent broadcast of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Relay, actors from Beauty Insider guest starred for interview including Park Seo Joon, Han Hyo Joo, and Kim Joo Hyuk.

Park Seo Joon shared that the actors and staff of his last drama, Kill Me, Heal Me, still meet up every month. He commented, “Actors and production team have promised to meet up every month on the 7th. We have met up three times so far.”

Han Hyo Joo exclaimed, “It’s difficult for actors to meet up once every month,” and Kim Joo Hyuk added, “Now it’s time to end,” and turned the interview set into laughter.

The 20 episode long drama Kill Me, Heal Me ended on March 12th with great success. Many netizens expressed how amazing it is that the team still holds their friendship close, and some of the most liked comments included:

[+1020,-7] Looks good~~~~~~~~~~

[+944,-6] Kill Me, Heal Me drama is literally the very best….♥

[+684,-5] Kill Me, Heal Me❤️like it so much!!! Wish your friendship lasts forever

[+626,-6] He is so good lookingㅠㅠㅠ Kill Me, Heal Me was jjang ㅎ looking good

Source: My Daily and My Daily via Naver