Performances from Mnet’s M! Countdown at KCON 2015 Japan

KCON held its first ever Japan event on April 22, 2015, holding a magnificent M! Countdown concert at the end of the day featuring some of the hottest K-pop artists.

Artists who graced the M! Countdown stage of the very first KCON in Japan, included GOT7, Kangnam, Nicole, BIGFLO, Park Boram, Lovelyz, Block B, SISTAR, INFINITE, 2PM’s Jun.K, and Supernova.

Check out some of the performances below:

Park Boram – “Celepretty”

GOT7 – “Girls Girls Girls” & “Stop Stop It”

SISTAR – “Touch My Body” & “I Swear”

Block B – “Her”

Block B BASTARZ – “Zero for Conduct”

Block B Zico – “Well Done”

Supernova – “Stupid Love”

2PM’s Jun.K – “No Love”

INFINITE – “Back” & “Shower” & :Paradise”

Jun.K and GOT7 Jackson and Mark – “Swag”

Nicole – “MAMA”

Lovelyz – “Hi~”


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