Performances for the November 19th episode of MBC Show! Champion

For the November 19th episode of MBC Show! Champion, MAMAMOO performed their powerful comeback track “Piano Man,” while Lovelyz made a graceful debut on the stage with “Candy Jelly Love.”

Other performances for the night included AOA, Zhoumi, Hello Venus, CROSS GENE, Ulala Session, Hong Jin Young, LABOUM, Boys Republic, ALi, Topp Dogg, HOTSHOT, Almeng, HALO, UNIQ, Yoon Hyun Sang, Legend, Purfles and Natthew.

AOA takes the win on the night’s episode, their first for their sexy comeback track “Like a Cat”! The girl group showed ecstatic joy as their name was announced for the win, showing tears.

T-ARA and Apink will be featured in next week’s episode for their comeback stages!

AOA – Like a Cat

Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love

MAMAMOO – Piano Man

Zhoumi – Rewind

Hello Venus – Sticky Sticky

CROSS GENE – Not a Boy, Not Yet A Man

UNIQ – Falling In Love

LABOUM – What About You

HALO – Come On Now

Topp Dogg – Annie