[★VIDEO] Red Velvet members welcome Yeri at music video filming site

After introducing the newest addition to the group, the original members of Red Velvet have introduced Yeri (16) to fans themselves in the latest welcome video. 

In what appears to be their music video filming site for their comeback album, members Seulgi, Irene, Joy, and Wendy are geared up in their outfits consisting of jackets with long back hems, short school girl skirts and knee high socks with a hat completing their look. Each members have dyed their color in various shades of orange and yellow to complete their concept.

Standing in a desert surrounding with barely any plant life around, the four members take their place near the camera as they quickly explain a fifth member will be joining them for promotions from here on out before yelling for Yeri to come over.

Dressed similarly as everyone else, Yeri quickly runs to them in full laughter, showing her excitement in joining the group.

Red Velvet will return as a 5-member group with their first album Ice Cream Cake on March 18th.