Red Velvet takes another win for “One Of These Nights” on Show Champion + Performances for March 23

For the March 23rd episode of Show Champion, girl group Red Velvet took home another music show trophy for their ballad track “One Of These Nights”!

Relaying their thanks, Red Velvet performed an encore stage for fans as they adorably passed the trophy around from member to member.

Performers for the night included MAMAMAOO, Red Velvet, NU’EST, FIESTAR, Hong Jin Young, ASTRO, SNUPER, KNK, Cosmic Girls, CLC, Annyeong Bada, Moonshine, 4TEN, VOISPER, Matilda, Two Star, and A.cian.

2 Star – Friendly

Matilda – Macarena

VOISPER – In Your Voice

SNUPER – Platonic Love


A.cian – Touch

Cosmic Girls – Mo Mo Mo

KNK – Knock

4TEN – Dreadful

CLC – High Heels

NU’EST – Overcome

Red Velvet – One Of These Nights

MAMAMOO – You’re The Best

Moonshine – Just Like A Fool

Annyeong Bada – I Miss You

FIESTAR – Mirror

Hong Jin Young – Thumbs Up