Relive the hot and exciting performances from the “2014 MAMA”!

The 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards have come to an end but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive some of these amazing performances again!

From the epic international collaboration stage with John Legend, Tiffany and Chen, to the “Battle of the Century” between BTS and Block B, the 2014 MAMA was filled with crowd pleasing performances. Here are the 2014 MAMA performances of the night.

 Act I – Last Fantasy

Girl’s Day– “Something”
Ailee– “Don’t Touch Me”
Girl’s Day and Ailee– “Problem”

ACT II – Beyond The Screen

WINNER “Empty”
Epik High & Yoo In Na – “Happen Ending”
Epik High feat. Mino, B.I. & Bobby – “Born Hater”

Special Stage- The Legend Continues

John Legend, Chen and Tiffany– “Green Light”
John Legend– “All of Me”

ACT III – Memories

IU feat. Mino – “Friday”
IU– “Fly Chick”

ACT IV- Four Shades of Love

Soyou X Junggigo– “Some”
Bora and P.O – “Some”
Dasom and Nam Joo Hyuk – “Some”
Hyorin and Lee Jong Hyuk  -“Some”
SISTAR– “Touch My Body”

ACT V- Fight of the Century

Zico (Block B) – “Tough Cookie”
Rap Monster (BTS)- “RM”
BTS –“Danger”
Block.B- “H.E.R.”
Block B and BTS- “Let’s Get It Started”


INFINITE- “Last Romeo”

2014 MAMA x UNESCO Special Stage Performance – Music Makes One

Lee Seung-chul, Yoon Eun-hye & Choir– “The Day”

ACT VII- Media Wonderland

Seo Taiji and IU- “Sogyeokdong”
Seo Taiji– “”
Seo Taiji feat. ZICO and Vasco– “Come Back Home”

ACT VIII- The New Age of Exo

EXO– “Black Pearl”
D.O. & Baekhyun– “Tell Me What Is Love”
Kai- “Deep Breath”
EXO– “Overdose”

ACT IX – Colorize

Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”
GD X Taeyang – “Good Boy” + “Fantastic Baby”