[★VIDEO] Ladies’ Code dedicate beautiful performances to the late EunB and RiSe

The members of Ladies’ Code returned to the stage for the first time as they remembered the late members EunB and RiSe who passed away in a car accident last September.

Held on August 22nd, the memorial concert was intended to fulfill the wishes of the late members who had dreams to perform in Japan. After recovering from their injuries from the accident, Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny gathered their courage to sing in front of a supportive audience.

Although the three tried to show their smiles, the scars from the accident are obvious as they were seen wiping off their tears as RiSe and EunB appeared in a VCR played in the background.

The members also gave their individual speeches, where leader Ashley held back tears while addressing their fans in Japanese. Sojung also hoped that Ladies’ Code will be remembered forever as a 5-member group and hoped that their song “Smile Even If It Hurts” will reach RiSe and EunB.

Other performing artists at the memorial concert included Kim Bum Soo, YDG (Yang Dong Geun), IvyRumble FishSun Woo, and Han Hee Jun.

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