Rookie girl group MINX releases MV teaser for “Love Shake”

After MINX released their photo teaser for their comeback, the rookie girl group released the teaser for their upcoming comeback track “Love Shake” on June 26th. 

As the teaser started, the charming beats can be heard in the background while the members of MINX quickly showcased steps to their choreography. The teaser continued to reveal the five-member group on the set of a beach, which allowed the members to roam around with floats, and more.

The teaser also allowed fans to get a glimpse of “Love Shake,” which includes an upbeat and charming melody, while the members sang, “Shake It Love.” “Love Shake” is scheduled to be released on July 2nd along with their 1st mini album.

Meanwhile, MINX released individual image teasers for member JiU and SuA on June 25th, where they both appeared outside with a skateboard as well as in a studio, clothed in colorful clothing while holding a cup of jelly beans.