Rookie girl groups Red Velvet, SONAMOO, and April join Girls’ Generation for a nostalgic stage of “Gee”

Girls’ Generation did a throwback to “Gee” for the final stage of Music Core‘s DMC Festival, inviting the present rookie girl groups to join them on stage.

Aired on September 12th, Girls’ Generation started out the performance with rookie girl groups Red Velvet, SONAMOO, and April joining the mid-stage as they spread out throughout the large area and danced along with their senior.

“Gee” is a track that was originally released in 2009 and caused the “Gee” syndrome that took over Korea that year, becoming the group’s best single yet. The track and addicting choreography further took over the hearts of fans all over the world with thousands re-creating the dance and sharing it with others.

Source: TV Report