[★VIDEO] Seo Taiji and IU perform “Sogyeokdong” as a duet

Seo Taiji‘s comeback concert “Chrismalowin” held on October 18th marked his first live concert in over 5 years. The concert also marked the first time his collaboration song with IU, “Sogyeokdong”, was performed as a duet. When the legendary singer first announced that IU would be a special guest at his comeback concert, there were speculations regarding IU’s presence and role during the performance of ”Sogyeokdong”. The song was released in two separate versions with two separate MVs – IU’s version was released on October 5th and Seo Taiji’s version was released on October 9th. These speculations ended on October 18th when the two performed the song as a duet for the first time. Dressed in a black lace dress that fully complemented the spooky set, IU fit right in with the concert’s theme.

IU has a voice that complements just about every other voice, and Seo Taiji was no exception. The 21 year-old singer flawlessly performed her portion of the song before the legend took his turn. The two then proceeded to sing the last part of the song together, ending the performance in a spectacular fashion. The success of “Sogyeokdong” helped build momentum for Seo Taiji’s comeback concert, and acts as a good indicator for the success of IU’s next song collaboration.

Watch the full performance of “Sogyeokdong” below!