Shin Bora reveals her powerful allure in “Mismatch” MV teaser

Popular comedian Shin Bora steps back into the music spotlight as she has unveiled a video teaser for an upcoming release.

While enjoying a very successful career as a comedian, it seems that Shin Bora just cannot hide her talent and passion for music. She will be releasing a track titled “Mismatch” featuring VASCO will be released to surprise fans once again. On April 7th, the artist revealed a video teaser in anticipation of the song’s full release.

The video really showed Shin Bora’s unique and mysterious vocal power along with her very different concept. She set aside her bright and fun image for this track and showed a more serious and deep style. In the video, the viewers can see her tears fall as she burns through her diary which brings even more tension to the story of the teaser.

Adding on to her song, news that rapper VASCO will be featuring in this track raises expectations that fans have for this great song. His cold and relaxed rap will surely be a refreshing addition to “Mismatch.” While the song was composed by Loptmist, VASCO himself also helped writing the lyrics.

With the release of the song on April 10th, Shin Bora will actively perform her new single on various music programs and radio programs.

Check out the teaser here:

Source: Daily Sports News