Shin Zisu reveals video teaser for “Listen” ft. LOCO

On March 23rd, Shin Zisu revealed that the mysterious male artist she would be collaborating with to be LOCO.

After the vocalist opened various SNS accounts and teased with a mysterious photo, she revealed the secret by sharing two new image teasers as well as a moving video teaser.

The two new image teasers are just like the previous one, showcasing Shin Zisu and LOCO lounging cooly in an old-fashioned convertible. They appear to have great chemistry as she leans on him in both cuts. The two stars are dressed in a slightly retro fashion with Shin Zisu’s hair slightly wavy and LOCO in a leather outfit.

In the music video teaser, LOCO’s smooth rap opens the track along with a powerful piano part. A heartbreaking scene seems to unfold as LOCO walks away from the car, leaving Shin Zisu alone with her thoughts. Soon, her strong and equally heart-wrenching melody enters in.

Check out the teasers here: