SONAMOO takes you on a roller coaster with “Déjà Vu” dance practice videos

SONAMOO has shared two different dance practice video with fans on January 15th, unveiling the full energetic choreography of their debut track, “Déjà Vu.”

Greeting their fans and viewers, each SONAMOO members introduces themselves before beginning their intense performance. The camera at a stand still before the seven-member group as they showcased their powerful dance moves to their debut song.

Despite it being late into the night, as indicated by the clock behind the girls, SONAMOO is still full of energy as they continue practicing hard for a perfect stage, showcasing their dedication as new artists.

Ending performance with a cool pose, SONAMOO proceeds their end-stage walk away. With some of the members hanging on to each other as they walk away, D.ana can be seen jokingly slapping Minjae’s butt, to fans’ amusement.