Song Man Se and Choo Sarang cutely show their affection for one another on “Return of Superman”

Song Man Se and Choo Sarang have stolen the hearts of their audience once again after cutely showing their affection for one another on the latest episode of KBS’ Return of Superman.

The entertainment program aired its most recent episode on the afternoon of February 8th, where Choo Sung Hoon and Song Il Gook brought both of their family on a sledding expedition.

Dressed in matching orange suits, the triplets (Dae Han, Min Guk, Man Se) and Sarang were safely buckled in the back of the van with fathers Song Il Gook at the wheel and Choo Sung Hoon in the front passenger seat. Unbeknownst to them, Man Se and Sarang were holding hands at the back of the hand, where Sarang could be seen excitedly, but shyly expressing her excitement at the moment.

The two children have caught the audience’s hearts in previous moments in the show with their “couple” moments, such as briefly giving each other a kiss and cutely playing with one another during nap time.

Watch the children enjoy their first time out sledding below:

Source: Star News