Sool J and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung and Woori release “Love Flower” MV ft. Woori

On May 6th, Sool J and Rainbow’s Hyunyoung released their second collaboration track “Love Flower” featuring Woori.

After teasing fans with an image teaser and video teaser, the artists have finally unveiled the full track for listeners to enjoy.

The music video features the artists in the studio as they record their parts. Not only do fans get to go behind the scenes with these clips, they also see the great chemistry and fun times they all had as they played with stuffed dolls.

“Love Flower,” a sweet and romantic duet, is a composition by Cosmic Sound (San E’sMe You” and “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”), Yeom Dong Gun (“NPNP” by Soya x KK), and Vocal Hope. Just like “Honey (Oppa Ya),” “Love Flower” features Sool J’s unique Kyungsang-province dialect rapping and Hyunyoung and Woori’s delicate vocals paired with honest and heart-fluttering lyrics.

Check it out here: