SPICA guests on American show “East Meets Morgan”

SPICA recently made their American debut this past summer and sat down with Morgan Lynzi to talk about fashion, guys, and their inspirations.

On the latest episode of ISAtv‘s East Meets Morgan, host Morgan Lynzi was able to get the inside scoop on the girls’ thoughts and tastes.

Their interview began with a question about the inspiration for “I Did It“, to which they answered the image of “a strong, powerful woman”. SPICA named Pink! and Beyonce as some of their favorite powerful women whom they greatly admire. In addition, they discussed the type of guys they liked and their current fashion styles as well. The episode ends with highlights from SPICA’s debut performance in Los Angeles.

Morgan Lynzi also announced that on the next episode of East Meets Morgan she will be sitting down with hip-hop artists TROY‘s Bumkey and Kanto!

In related news, SPICA’s sub-unit, SPICA.S recently wrapped up promotions for “Give Me Your Love”.

To see more of the interview, check out the latest episode of East Meets Morgan below!