Suho finds himself lost in Marseille in EXO’s “Pathcode” teaser

Suho is the latest member to be featured in the sixth “Pathcode” teaser for EXO’s EXODUS comeback.

On the latest video teaser released on March 23rd, Suho was featured in a solitary moment set in Marseille, France, looking lost and dejected, walking around an abandoned building before moving to an empty field and unused swimming pool. It ends in a cinematic climax where he was slowly being engulfed by a large body of water.

Meanwhile, since releasing the teaser, EXO’s official Twitter page also released a hint saying, “___________s grow; they are not made. – Peter F. Drucker.” The hint will be used to unlock Suho’s teaser on their official homepage. (Answer: Leader)

EXO is scheduled to come back on March 30th and will make their first performance on M! Countdown on April 2nd.

“Pathcode hints”: Kai — The first hint is “the number of marbles that passed the maze.” | Tao | Chanyeol — Vereisung | Xiumin — “We have already given the hint.” | Sehun — “How many?” + video

Suho "Pathcode" Suho "Pathcode" Suho "Pathcode" Suho "Pathcode"



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